How big will my advert be?

There are two advert sizes for you to choose from:

  • Size A which is 5cm tall and 5.1cm wide.
  • Size B which is 5cm tall and 2.1cm wide.

What is the latest I can book an Advert?

An advert needs to be booked before midnight on Sunday to appear in the following week’s papers.

What’s the best size/dimensions of image to upload?

We have an upload limit of 2mb when creating any advert, and recommend that the image is at least 200dpi.

Recommended image dimensions below:

  • Size A Portrait – 175px by 335px
  • Size A Landscape – 350px by 160px
  • Size B Portrait – 155px by 170px

What image formats can I upload?

You can upload either a JPEG or a PNG file.

Can I use a transparency?

Yes, PNG images that are partly transparent can be used.

Will my advert be exactly the same as the preview?

Our conversion process changes the colour profile of every advert as it has to be configured to work with our newspaper printing processes. There may be some deviation in colour as you’ll be looking at the advert on paper rather than online

In some circumstances, we may edit your advert to make it more suitable for newspaper print.

Are all adverts printed?

No, we reserve the right to cancel any adverts we think are inappropriate. A full refund will be given.

All recruitment advertisements need to be booked via the Recruitment Team. Please call 01527 588 688 and ask for a member Recruitment Sales Department, who will be happy to assist; or email or

Can I resize my uploaded image?

There are two buttons to the left of the image upload box for containing or covering your image in the container respectively.

Can I re-book my advert?

Yes, if you go to your orders page you can view an order and re-book a specific advert from that order.

How should I contact you?

You can contact us through our online form.

I’m using an old browser, can I create my advert?

No, we recommend that you install the latest version of Google Chrome for the best experience.

Are there any sample images to use?

If you haven’t got an image you’d like to use, we recommend using a stock photo from one of the many stock photo websites online. Search Google to find one that fits your purpose (Search “Stock Photos” on Google).

When will my payment be take out?

Immediately in most circumstances as we use PayPal to process all payments from Ad Booker 247.